We are the Skritt Kings.

A Guild Wars 2 PvE guild.
Small, laid back, social, casual.
Lots of booze and dick jokes.

See What Our Members Are Saying:

“These seem like nice, normal people. It’s a great idea to start a guild with them.”Capn
“Who is this Liz? Why is she so legendary?”Liz
“I came for fearless Capn. I stayed for Grump adventures.”Zell
“Some kid keeps yelling at me during raids. It’s like high school gym class all over again.”Clippy
“I’m just gay for rats.”Otter
“Send help.”Grump
“They bribed me with free cheese. I couldn’t say no.”Alu
“Two out of three raccoons in a trenchcoat agree Skritt Kings is okay.”Terra

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